What to eat (and what NOT to eat)

Suffering from a bit of writer’s block so just “diving” in to get back into the swing. Thought this was interesting (afraid I can’t cite the source…apologies to the creator…but I am NOT taking credit, just passing the info along).

I am also contemplating giving up meat and fish but FYI, here are some helpful tips re seafood.

“Fortunately, there is something you can do about it. Sign your name to our Sustainable Seafood Pledge, and take a break from eating these overfished species:


Orange Roughy

Chilean Seabass

Atlantic Cod

Bluefin Tuna


Red Snapfish

Atlantic Flat Fish


King Crab

And while you’re helping to give these species the chance to repopulate, try some of these delicious and nutritious sustainable alternatives:

Pacific Sardines (wild caught)

Salmon (wild caught, from Alaska)

Barramundi (farmed, from the U.S.)

Rainbow Trout (farmed)

Arctic Char (farmed)”


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